Steelhead are one of the most sought after fish in the Pacific Northwest.  Steelhead can be found in our Northwest rivers most of the year.  Brett has a lifetime of knowledge to make your steelhead trip successful.  Brett will work hard to put you into steelhead based on the timing of the runs, how they are moving up river and where they are holding.  Brett uses ultra light gear to give you the best opportunity to land these magnificent fish.

Steelhead fishing is available most of the year.  Starting in June the return of our summer run Steelhead begins in most Western Washington rivers. Warmer water temperatures usually brings out a more aggressive and acrobatic Steelhead, in comparison to the winter Steelhead run.

The winter Steelhead run really kicks off in November and continues through April of the new year, Brett fishes for trophy Steelhead in February and March on select rivers. Cowlitz River Winter Steelhead are at its best in March and April.

Brett will free drift, back-bounce, and free float jigs for Steelhead.

Rivers Brett fishes for Steelhead: Wild and Scenic Skagit River, Snohomish River, Snoqualmie River, Skykomish River, Cowlitz River, Lewis River, Columbia River


Amazingly enough there are opportunities to catch salmon almost all year.  Beginning in March with the return of spring King salmon to the Columbia River. 

In June and July the Pacific Northwest sees the first return of summer Kings (Chinook) Salmon run.  This summer run is highly anticipated and can produce some memorable fish.  King Salmon opportunities in Western Washington continue through the fall.

In the fall, our salmon begin to migrate back to their native waters to spawn.  On odd years, Pink (Humpies) salmon begin their return.  This is the smaller of the four species returning to Northwest rivers, but their size will fool you.  These are hard fighting fish and actually do taste very good using a variety of recipes. 

Annually, Coho (Silver) Salmon begin returning to our rivers in late August, followed by the hard fighting Chum Salmon in October.

We free drift, back-bounce, drift fish, plunk, troll, and jig fish for the various species of salmon.

Rivers Brett fishes for Salmon: Wild and Scenic Skagit River, Snohomish River, Snoqualmie River, Skykomish River, Cowlitz River, Lewis River, Columbia River near the mouth of Cowlitz River, Columbia River near Portland, OR, Drano Lake and Columbia River below Bonneville Dam, and Lake Sammamish.

Dolly Varden

Dolly Varden are found in many Northwest rivers, but the Skagit river has one of the most consistent Dolly fisheries.  We fish for Dollies in the same manner and time as our Steelhead and Salmon returns. Dollies average 4 to 6 pounds and are an added surprise when specifically fishing for Steelhead.  These are very beautiful fish and will provide a memorable experience.

Rivers Brett fishes for Dolly Varden: Wild and Scenic Skagit River, Snohomish River, and the Skykomish River.

White Sturgeon in Washington's North Puget Sound is open year around.  Brett's Guide Service offers opportunities for Sturgeon in North Puget Sound area rivers and estuaries.

While you can fish for Sturgeon year around, we have some red hot Sturgeon fishing starting early in the new year through mid summer.  These prehistoric looking fish are hard fighting, giving you an exciting and memorable time on the water.  

Keeper sturgeon are measured between 38 to 54 inches in length, from the fork in the tail to the snout.  They average 45 - 90 pounds.  White Sturgeon is a delicious eating fish when cleaned properly.  The boneless white meat is incomparable.

Areas Brett fishes for Sturgeon: Between the Snohomish River and the Skagit River, including tidal estuaries, sloughs and rivers. 

Brett has the knowledge and experience to get you into the fish and have a great day on the water.

He will clean and bag your catch at the end of the day.

Brett's Guide Service supports the catch and release principles of Wild Steelhead & Wild Chinook Salmon.


Our Rates are very affordable and competitive. 

No hidden costs, no fuel surcharges. 

Payment can be made online or at the boat ramp.

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When to Fish

Fishing opportunities 365 days a year!  That is right,  Western Washington has fishing every day of the year. 

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